Hi, this is PUBG MOBILE Esports Korea!

The 2022 PUBG MOBILE Esports KR schedule has been revealed! Here we are announcing about the changes in PUBG MOBILE Esports KR in 2022 and the schedule of the 2022 competition.

2022 will be the year when the PUBG MOBILE Professional Competition will be larger in Korea. Please look forward to and pay attention to PUBG MOBILE Esports KR, which will come with an upgraded competition size and content!

In addition, the structure of the 2022 competition will be held in the same way as 2021, with the structure of PMOC (PUBG MOBILE OPEN CHALLENGE) → PMPS (PUBG MOBILE PRO SERIES).

In 2022, as in 2021, PMOC will be held for ordinary people and amateurs, and amateur gamers will be given an opportunity to advance to professional competitions.

The goal of 2022 is to upgrade the Korean PUBG MOBILE Pro Competition into another level. Through the larger scale of the competition and various contents, we will do our best to create a competition where fans and pros who love PUBG MOBILE Esports can feel proud. 

The details and regulations of the competition will be guided in the PUBG MOBILE Esports KR site.

Thank you.